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When Vermont received its name, I don’t believe it was in October. The green (vert) mountain (mont) state shows its true colors as the air cools. Beautiful and brilliant colors. And each fall many travelers take a pilgrimage to visit this part of New England. One year, I was one of them.

On a trip to Manchester City, I found myself enjoying a fall day at the Equinox Resort.  The historic property found in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, provides more than comfort from the chill autumn brings to the state. It provides the perfect place for an afternoon hike to view one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces, her fall colors.

Here are a few pictures from my hike. The first is along the trail. The sun beams through the cover and illuminates the forest.

walking the trail

After a small climb, you get the chance to see the view from above and witness the green mountains of Vermont turn to brilliant yellows, oranges, and red.

the view from above...

Then on the hike back, you can walk by a small Lake and enjoy the reflection of the majesty on the clear water.

through a clearing you can enjoy a water view.

Vermont is certainly not the only place to find the beauty of Autumn, but its fame is well deserved.

Stay adventurous, Craig

This post is part of a three-part series on fall colors that will include Vermont, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Also, when in Manchester City, make sure you visit the Hildene, the Lincoln family home.


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As fall descends on the northeast in the states, I find myself dreaming of the beaches of the Riviera Maya. Below is a photo I snapped when touring the luxury property Rosewood at Mayakoba. An amazing place and amazing views.

Jump in. Enjoy.


bliss on the Riviera Maya


Stay luxurious, Craig

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Last year I traveled to Bogotá, Colombia. A short trip. I only spent four nights in the city. Yet in four nights I learned so much about the place and its people.

looking sideways from behind the church

I learned of its beauty. I learned of its nightlife. I learned I needed to return to the city and to the country.

One day on discovery,  I decided to take the teleferico (cable car) up to the top of Monserrate. I wanted to take in the view.  To stand above it all and look down. Wow.

The adventure belongs on the “must-do” list for city and as a “must-do” for those who enjoy vast views.  And yes, the views will certainly impress.

the view on top...

All the views. From either enjoying what was built on the top of the mountain or looking down on Bogotá, on top of Monserrate it is all about the view. The “buen vista.”

the view of the city below...

stay adventurous, Craig

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The view from the hotel suite where I spent many of my nights when I called Mexico City home faced the “Paseo de la Reforma,” the main artery of the city.  And although the traffic caused headaches and at time heartaches to the me along with the other 20+ million that call DF home, in the center of the street stood an angel.

the angel of independence....

The Angel of Independence. A statue rising to the sky representing the independence of nation. Mexico. So on today (not “Cinco de Mayo“), the first day after the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence – I decided to share that view. Enjoy.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Day 13 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute.

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On a special “MexMonday,” (it’s Mexico bicentennial celebration week) I wanted to post a photo special to me. Not solely because of the substance, but because it enabled me to meet a great community of people who promote Mexico. People I now call my friends.

a man takes a moment outside Malpica bakery

On an excursion to visit some of the charming pueblos with in a short distance of Mazatlan, the tour stopped in Malpica. With a population of less than 1,000 and basically untouched by time, the town houses a seemingly simple bakery. In a small oven, some of the finest pastries in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico are created.  And we arrived for a taste. Breakfast. And Delicious.

Outside, in between bites, I snapped this image. A memory, a moment. A man and his best friend.

Shortly afterwards, I submitted the picture for the weekly MexMonday photo contest. (~Oct ’09-Feb ’10). This photo, along with a few others I submitted over time claimed honors – It won. It’s award winning.

So, this monday I take off my sombrero (my hat) off the creator of the weekly MexMonday, my friend Stephanie, and everyone else who promotes Mexico on Mondays. I love the photos, stories, and specials.  A Feliz (Happy) MexMonday mis amigos.

stay adventurous, Craig

Day 9 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute

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Attending a festival in the town of El Quelite, Sinaloa, a short drive outside of Mazatlan, I took a picture of a young local performer.

she smiled to show us her braces...

Stay advenutrous, Craig

Day 6 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute

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Sometimes you need to dive right in to Acapulco….

peaceful and pleasurable

stay adventurous, Craig

Day 4 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute

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