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After attending USA vs England in Rustenburg, South Africa I became aware once again that my national team’s chant of ” USA…USA…USA” needs a friend. In a nation that celebrates variety and creativity, I believe us Americans can sing more than just our “go to USA…” at the stadium.  In fact, many other fans from other nations with less history and success in the World Cup Finals have better chants, and it seems the English fans reminded me (not always politely) about this very fact.

No matter, I still supported the Stars and Stripes earnestly and enjoyed the team’s well deserved result.  But I’ll admit I began to ponder about a new chant.

my tailgate for USA in Rustenberg

Then on the twenty-eight hour passage from Pretoria to Cape Town aboard the Blue Train, at a time when stay adventurous also identified with stay luxurious, I decided to take action as a writer. Over some early morning arrival cocktails, I drafted a few simple words, phrases on a napkin. I liked it.

...scribbling a new chant, song?

Come on USA

We came to play

Come on USA

Let’s win today

Come on USA

Time to dominate

Come on USA

World Cup Trophy is our Fate

Well, it’s a start. And I am certainly open to all your suggestions. But in either case, I shall blow my Vuvuzela and lead the new cheer at a local bar (in NYC) next Wednesday when USA plays Algeria in a match we need to advance. Come on USA ….

Stay adventurous, Craig


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My first published poem

My motto – Stay Adventurous.

Well, I must remain true to it. And no, it doesn’t always mean global galavanting. It means taking a step outside your comfort zone. An adventurous step.

So, since April is ‘National Poetry Month,’ I decided to publish a poem. Yes, I do dabble with poetry on occasion.

Ok, so here goes, a short poem first drafted on a rooftop bar in New York City.

Steels rises, made by man
touches the clouds

Since her, few reach taller;
None mean more
She dominates, an Empire.

Her smaller sister speaks, too
Both miss twin cousins
Towering freedom awaits

Alas, she points upward,
And illuminates her message

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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