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For Halloween I started to ponder destinations I considered haunted. Destinations when darkness descends on the streets, stories of spirits fill our imagination. Places you visit and leave with the belief ghosts are not just fantasy, but perhaps reality.

In a city of much literary fame, from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to the present day world of Harry Potter, even the writers seem to create a haunted and suspenseful fiction in Edinburgh. And walking the streets coupled with learning its past, you can truly understand why. The architecture and history, it seems a perfect setting for such stories.

On my visit a few years back,  one that coincided the city’s famous Fringe Festival, I left impressed. Not just by the acts and shows I watched in the theatre, but the city itself. A magical place. A place I look forward to returning one day. And a place with a certain haunted vibe.

One night walking along a ridge over looking the main Edinburgh castle, I took this picture. With the sun already set, but the twilight still illuminating the sky, this picture itself seemed a perfect fit for today. Happy Halloween.

darkness descends on Edinburgh castle and the city.

And of course, Happy Sunset Sunday, too.

stay adventurous, Craig


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On a cold, cloud filled April afternoon in Amsterdam, the rain showers (even hail) soaked the streets and pestered the pedestrians. Although bikes still out numbered the compact cars most tourists and locals hop on foot from cafe to coffee shop in search of warmth, conversation and the favorable local fare. But with the day nearly finished, the once hectic sidewalks suddenly slowed.  Time marched towards sunset.

Although the sun did not appear and no final descent could be viewed, the moment was unmistakable.  Twilight began.  A blue hue illuminated the sky and the street lights reflected against the water to provide a glow that warmed the scene. A walk down a canal suddenly seemed more appealing and enjoyable than sitting inside learning traditional Dutch culture.

During that stroll I snapped this picture. Enjoy and have an especially Happy Sunset Sunday this Easter.

...the canal lights up at sunset in Amsterdam

stay adventurous, Craig

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