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Last year I accepted an invitation to Hocking Hills, Ohio. Where? Exactly. But this relatively unknown Buckeye State destination left quite an impression on me not to mention a greater appreciation for the political swing state.

In the region, originally formed by Glacier run-off, visitors can explore and discover a unique micro-climate, truly taste a slice of America Appalachia and experience some of the best stargazing east of the Mississippi River. But what left the biggest impression with me – its fall colors.

In a destination spotlight I wrote on Hocking Hills, I mentioned the many ways to enjoy the seasonal spectacle. Whether you select ATVs, reasonably priced airplane rides over the park, kayaks, or even hike in the woods you will not be disappointed.

This year, since I didn’t get a chance to return in person I decided to return on my blog and give you, my readership, a chance to peak inside this true American Gem.

the visitor center.

On a walk through the state park, home to Old Man’s cave (the iconic landmark that nearly every attraction in the region is measured in distance from) you can take short or long hikes and enjoy the outdoors.

one of the many views hiking the state park

And probably my favorite way to witness the wonderland, on the water in a kayak. The early morning sunrise paddle was a (if not thee)  highlight of the trip.

the colors of the leaves outshine the kayaks...

For a complete overview of my entire long weekend in Hocking Hills, you can read my (guest) post from last year’s trip here or to learn more on the region check out 1800Hocking.

Stay adventurous, Craig

This post is part of a three-part series on fall colors that will include Vermont, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Also, all photos in this post were taken by Kirsten Alana, the official photographer from the trip.


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Kayak. If you ever picked up a paddle and stroked the water to propel yourself forward to explore, then you know.

You know that some of the best memories of your travels come from the adventures afloat. Whether the stillness of nature, the rapids of a river, or the majesty of nature that surrounds, you witness some of the best earth offers from your seat in a Kayak.

In my life I consider myself fortunate for these moments. Grateful for all the places I explored in a kayak. From the caves of Thailand to the cenotes of Mexico, the coast of Maine to sunrise on a lake in Ohio, a peaceful paddle in Pennsylvania to a magical moment in the mangroves of the Florida Keys. So many memories, so many adventures.

And this “Sunset Sunday” I’d like to leave you with the image I captured as I just exited the backcountry in the upper keys.  Here I faced the vast ocean with a setting sun, truly a memorable kayak thru the Florida Keys.

...a kayak in the keys

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