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sometimes simple is best

In social circles, people often ask, “so, what is your favorite drink?” And perhaps I have too many. But if I needed to make a choice, a spirit to spend my days on the deserted island with, my choice, my Blue Agave friend. Si, Tequila.

Many might not be surprised, after all Mexico and me do hold a tight bond of friendship. But the reason might surprise. It’s the triple play. Tequila is perfectly suited for all times of the day. Suited for all three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No, I don’t imagine myself constantly drinking on the island, but if I was on the island, lost, I do imagine days when one might welcome a drink at any hour. A good one too. That’s Tequila.

the tequila sunrise

For breakfast: The Tequila Sunrise. This delicious cocktail is best with fresh squeezed OJ just the like the one shown in the photo. Served as my morning welcome drink at Rancho Pescadero, it created the perfect mood.  I requested it. Good choice.

the poolside frozen margarita

For Lunch: Although I prefer the Margarita on the rocks usually, with only fresh squeezed lime juice of course (I squeeze my own when necessary), when I am poolside sometimes the frozen refreshment is the proper call. Here, at Pueblo Bonito I am about to enjoy the afternoon.

the scene I imagine for tonight in DF. Photo: Aadam Lortz

For Dinner: And in the evening its straight sipping for Tequila. One of my favorites from my days in D.F. (Mexico City) was Herradura Repasado.  The night shown in this photo turned into quite the party as you might imagine. And I suspect on the eve of Independence Day in Mexico (El Grito) – this will be a common scene around all of Mexico.

stay adventurous, Craig

Day 11 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute


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Hotel California.  We all know the Eagle’s lyrics describing a mystical place where you can check out, but truly never leave. To me that’s Mexico. So no surprise, the hotel itself resides in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Sure I left Mexico and in a way “checked out” – but did I ever leave? Nope. Not really. My days in DF (Mexico City) along with my recent travels and adventures seem to shape me.  The memories, the magic, the madness. I  truly never left.

three simple words

So, on my last trip to Los Cabos I headed a little north up Baja and decided to tour Todo Santos. There I spent an afternoon walking through the streets admiring the local artists work in the many art galleries. Viewing the sculptures, paintings along with a stop at the street side cafe for a strong coffee made for a relaxing day about the town. And I even smiled as I walked by the church and the mission bell. Classic. But my travels required one more stop.

the view from the bar stool...

The Hotel California Bar.

And after the tourist buses left to return the cruise passengers to Los Cabos, I settled in for a drink. The Eagles soundtrack switched over to Jack Johnson and I sipped a special margarita enjoying the surprisingly trendy, hip scene.

Then, I opened my journal and started to write my own lyrics. To write how special Mexico has been to me. It’s magic and its madness.

The view of the bar..

But as the day neared its end and with plans to see the brilliance of a Baja Sunset I decided to check out. To leave my Mexican memories on the page, cash out and return to Rancho Pescadero.

But I knew even as my travels to Baja came to a close, I’d be back to Mexico. As the song says, you can never leave. And frankly, I am not sure I ever want to.

the courtyard of hotel california...

stay adventurous, Craig

Day 2 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute.

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I arrived early enough to order a Margarita at the bar. After a self guided tour of Todo Santos I stopped back to Hotel California to relax, and eventually call for a taxi. Inside Jack Johnson tunes took over for the Eagles soundtrack and I noticed the lunchtime crowd cleared, a positive indication that the tourist buses from the cruise ships docked in Cabo San Lucas already departed.

With the place no longer dominated by day trippers, I debated staying longer. The hip bar and reasonable drink prices seemed a perfect place to spend the late afternoon, but I decided on only the one drink.  I decided to keep my plans and return to my Mexican Baja Oasis, Rancho Pescadero to watch the day end with the dipping sun.

Down that famous desert highway, just five kilometers, I returned in plenty of time to catch the moment. Before a delicious dinner and a second tequila cocktail,  I paused and enjoyed the view from my room. I sat outside on the balcony of the suite and watched afternoon turn to evening.

Then just as the sun entered the final layer of clouds, I snapped this image.  The light held a certain brilliance to it. That Baja Brilliance.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

the brilliance of the baja sunset

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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On the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos offers tourists numerous options to pass the day. But whether it is a day at Medano Beach with cervezas and jet skis, or a day at sea watching the wonder of the whales that migrate from the Arctic seas, every day becomes night with the sunset. And then it’s time to celebrate.

Just a few weeks ago, enjoying my time at the adults only Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa I decided to catch the sunset from an elevated vantage point. A ‘Buen Vista.’ The butler (all suites come with attentive Butler service) recommended the Sky Pool at the neighboring Pueblo Bonito Sunset. Then, after a five minute shuttle ride, and a few minutes on a golf cart  climb, I found myself at the enterance to the hill top Sky Pool.

the sun sets in Los Cabos

I ordered a Margarita and before I ordered my second, I snapped this photo of the sun setting on a cloudy day in Cabo. No complaints. Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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I woke to the cool Baja breeze coupled with the distant sounds of Pacific surf. Poured a fresh cup of java that the amiable staff delivered to my room along with a fresh fruit plate that included my favorite – papaya,  graced my comfortable robe and stepped out on the terrace.  The ocean view refreshed.

my morning view

After the hearty, yet healthy breakfast, I walked down to the ocean’s edge to give the waves a closer look. A beach break ten minutes north. A dozen surfers seemed to be enjoying morning’s gift so I hiked the soft sand to get a closer look.  El Nino delivered an impressive swell.

Surf is what led my here to Rancho Pescadero, the different kind of “dude” ranch. And actually when I think about it, searching for surf spots has led my all over the world.

What began twelve years ago with the purchase of my first long board from Bunger Surf totally blossomed. I surfed the east coast – west coast. Surfed in Asia, Europe, and South America. Surfed Costa Rica and Mexico. Long boards and short boards. Big Waves (big to me) and small waves.  I am still no expert, a novice really, but it is addicting. You gain a sense of balance, a sense of spirituality in the sport. All completely captured at Rancho Pescadero.

In the moment, you connect with the energy of the wave, a force bigger and more powerful than you. And waiting in the water, you connect with your surroundings.  Fish jump over your board, porpoises swim within yards, and a butterfly might flutter by and wink. But the connection goes even deeper and it isn’t just on the water or in the wave.

When I arrived, I decided to watch other surfers. To sit in silence.  I needed just to be exactly there. To be on the sands of  Baja. Perfect.

sitting on the sands of Baja

Stay adventurous,


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