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Before we entered the fishing village, our guide spoke to us. Just on the outskirts and before our interaction with the locals we stopped to listen. He explained life in this part of the world, both the promising and the problems. He gave us a set of dos and don’ts when touring the huts made from the mud of old ant hills or when buying the local crafts for sale.  Yet, through all the conversation, my mind seemed to only focus on one item. The Tree.

river cruise on the KingFisher II to Namibia

From the Chobe Lodge in Botswana, the tour took us by boat along the Chobe River and entered Namibia. We also needed to enter immigration, complete forms on both entry and departure on each leg of the trip. In this corner of the world, if passport stamps became a currency, everyone who traveled would be rich.

But once the group arrived on the island of Impalila, Namibia and all our papers were in order, we set to hike the mile to the village. Largely uneventful along the dried mud trail, we eventually arrived to a clearing.  With the village in sight, and the lecture beginning I spotted the tree. It dominated the skyline.

Other details went in one ear and out the other until he started talking about the tree. Then – all ears. I learned that the upside tree known as the Baobab or Adansonia Digitata might be over 2,000 years old. A blase detail to him, to me incredible that this village sat at the foot of a tree as old as all the years of Anno Domini on the Gregorian calendar.

the African Upside Down Tree dominates the village

At that moment, I sensed a connection to something larger and even a bitter taste of my own insignificance.

Then it hit me – Avatar.

I recently watched and enjoyed the movie. Certainly I have my critiques, but as a whole, I enjoyed the main message. The message of  connection to your environment. And I don’t know if James Cameron walked through a similar village years ago, noticed a similar tree, and an idea sparked? Although, it would not surprise me.

I walked pass the craft market and headed to the tree. I touched it. I realized it might take more than 15 conected humans to hold hands around its base. Huge.

a walk thru the fishing village

Eventually, I reconnected mentally to the tour. We walked around the village, learned how locals construct houses, how the chief solves all local issues and disputes, and how men take many wives (apparently because of the fatal danger that lurks in the river – the Hippo).  A different world.

But hiking back to the boat, my thoughts only focused tree.  Captivated. On only the fourth day of nearly forty I’d spend in southern Africa I noticed a greater connection exists. This lesson would only repeat itself and get louder and more obvious as I continued with my African adventures.

Stay adventurous, Craig


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Before the tour took the journey from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund across the desert and barren landscape of Namibia, we stayed at the Sossusvlei Lodge. Just a few kilomters from the enterance to the famous and impressive sand dunes of Sossusvlei the group settled in for the first of two nights.

The looming tour of the dunes, the very reason people travel to this remote part of the world, would offer sweet dreams. And because after our early rise to witness the sun rise to a level the perfectly splits the dune to 1/2 shade and 1/2 sun, an early night was scheduled.

But, with all that still ahead of us, I settled in at the cozy bar at an outside table with a view. The thirst created by the desert travel needed to be quenched with a cold frosty local beer (or two). And at no better time than sunset. The next day would be active, but not now. Now, all I did was watch the sun set over a mountain and illuminate the fields and the vast, seemingly endless landscape. That evening, I took this image and then toasted to adventure that still awaited.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

just snapped this photo before I ordered my second local beer....

stay adventurous, Craig

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I wanted to share a photo I took in Namibia on the road from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund. To me this photo speaks. It simply and softly says, “Africa.”

a view of the Namibian landscape... it's Africa

And to get you excited as July ends, I want to explain “All Africa – All August” here at Stay Adventurous.

Starting this Sunday, August 1st (or really today) every week in August you will find photos, stories, links to other published work all on Africa. Again, All Africa – All August.

Tuesday: Photo. Wednesday: Adventure (Blog Post).

Friday: Photo. Sunday: SunsetSunday.

I hope you enjoy the look inside my African adventures this August as much as I did experiencing them (and then crafting them to share with you). Enjoy the weekend and ….

Stay adventurous, Craig

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