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I take my birthday off every year. That did not change this year and was no different during the days when I called Mexico City my home.

surfing the waves of Puerto...

That year, I decided my September surf session would not be at the Jersey Shore or Fire Island, but in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. “Puerto,” as it is charmingly called, claims the Mexican Pipeline. And although the waves may have got the better of me that day, I certainly made sure I enjoyed my birthday in other ways too.

a great way to spend a birthday....

stay adventurous, Craig

Day 7 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute


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Simply known as Puerto. The sleepy fishing village in Oaxaca, Mexico also claims home to the Mexican Pipeline. A perfect pacific Mexican escape.

I enjoyed a long weekend on the coastal beach town when I called Mexico City my home.  And although I prefer the Mazatlan native “el Pacifico,” I can hardly disagree that the marketing awards must go to  Corona.  The beer with its partner, the lime, signifies the beach, holiday, and is nearly as much Mexico as Tequila (to travelers)

And during my adventure in Puerto, I snapped this photo at Sunset. Actually, a friend submitted to Corona for a contest.  It didn’t win (as far as I know) but it certianly gave us some conversation for the next time we shared a Corona. So this summer – enjoy your beach retreats and your Corona mentality. Cheers this Sunset Sunday.

the sun sets in Puerto, but I am prepared

stay adventurous, Craig

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