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the sunset sky on the oceanside in the Florida Keys

Times exist when you wonder. You stare at the sky and wonder if the sun has already set or if the day still “officially” holds a few minutes.  You can’t see the sun dip over the horizon.

Many times this winter in Florida Keys I found myself on the “oceanside” and not the “bayside” with the western view. But that did not mean I did not enjoy the majesty of the moment.

Nearly every night, nature put on a different show, each more beautiful than the prior. Vibrant colors illuminated the sky, the clouds, and my ocean view. In fact, on this very day I can’t imagine a more beautiful sky. Breathtaking.

stay adventurous, Craig


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The magic of a sunset seems to multiply on the water.  And when you climb aboard a sailboat, well that may just be the ultimate.

During my time in the Florida Keys this month I discovered Sunshine Sailing in the upper keys (MM 94.5) and just yesterday Captain Jennifer MacLean, a women of (and) the sea, invited me on board to experience a sunset sail.

After a lovely sail, munching on organic salads, sipping cocktails and listening to stories of adventure we anchored up just outside Tavernier key. Then as the sun began its final descent below the horizon, the Captain said, “let’s take the dingy for a ride.” The goal to capture the moment of the sunset with the Indian Summer II, her sailboat, in the moment. We did. Enjoy.

Sunset anchored at Tavernier Key

Stay adventurous,  Craig

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The sunset seduces. Few moments of the day hold such magic. On Valentine’s Day many people will share that magic, that romance, with someone special.

One evening, that special sensation hit me harder than my second glass of Ouzo. Here, on the cliffs overlooking the Ionian Sea, I watched the sun descend from the island of Paxos during a sailing trip.

As a frequent traveler, I can tell you if seek romantic venues few places visit top the Greek Isles and few activities top Sailing. Together, well that just adds to the magic, mystic  and romance of it all.

...the view from atop the isle of Paxos

On this Sunset Sunday, feel free to share your sunset moments.

Stay Romantic,


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