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Often I review some of my old photos and journals when reminded of an adventure. And this Thanksgiving weekend, thankful for all my travels, I decided to look back to the adventure that changed the course of my future. An adventure where I actually spent a Thanksgiving searching for a slice of Turkey to go with my beans and rice. This weekend I looked back to the first leg of my travel sabbatical – Costa Rica.

And now six years later, I am still so thankful for that trip. Perhaps even more thankful each day as those carefree steps taken on the soft sands of Costa Rica led me down a different path. I am thankful for becoming Pura Vida and thankful for the stepping stone that enabled Stay Adventurous.

I am also thankful for the many sunsets I watched in Costa Rica. It became part of my daily routine. I’ll never forget the majestic magenta and robust reds of the sunsets in Tamarindo from the beachfront bars. And I’ll always remember the evenings sitting on the sands of Santa Teresa with new-found friends taking in a few beers and discussing the day’s waves after a quality surf session. All so beautiful in so many ways.

And on one of those evenings when starting a fire on the beach in Santa Teresa, a few horses wandered down close to the ocean’s edge. As they passed,  I snapped this photo. Apparently, they too wanted to enjoy the Sunset. I don’t blame them. It is always a magical moment. Happy Sunset Sunday.

Horses come for a sunset stroll on the sands of Santa Teresa

Stay adventurous, Craig


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I take my birthday off every year. That did not change this year and was no different during the days when I called Mexico City my home.

surfing the waves of Puerto...

That year, I decided my September surf session would not be at the Jersey Shore or Fire Island, but in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. “Puerto,” as it is charmingly called, claims the Mexican Pipeline. And although the waves may have got the better of me that day, I certainly made sure I enjoyed my birthday in other ways too.

a great way to spend a birthday....

stay adventurous, Craig

Day 7 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute

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I woke to the cool Baja breeze coupled with the distant sounds of Pacific surf. Poured a fresh cup of java that the amiable staff delivered to my room along with a fresh fruit plate that included my favorite – papaya,  graced my comfortable robe and stepped out on the terrace.  The ocean view refreshed.

my morning view

After the hearty, yet healthy breakfast, I walked down to the ocean’s edge to give the waves a closer look. A beach break ten minutes north. A dozen surfers seemed to be enjoying morning’s gift so I hiked the soft sand to get a closer look.  El Nino delivered an impressive swell.

Surf is what led my here to Rancho Pescadero, the different kind of “dude” ranch. And actually when I think about it, searching for surf spots has led my all over the world.

What began twelve years ago with the purchase of my first long board from Bunger Surf totally blossomed. I surfed the east coast – west coast. Surfed in Asia, Europe, and South America. Surfed Costa Rica and Mexico. Long boards and short boards. Big Waves (big to me) and small waves.  I am still no expert, a novice really, but it is addicting. You gain a sense of balance, a sense of spirituality in the sport. All completely captured at Rancho Pescadero.

In the moment, you connect with the energy of the wave, a force bigger and more powerful than you. And waiting in the water, you connect with your surroundings.  Fish jump over your board, porpoises swim within yards, and a butterfly might flutter by and wink. But the connection goes even deeper and it isn’t just on the water or in the wave.

When I arrived, I decided to watch other surfers. To sit in silence.  I needed just to be exactly there. To be on the sands of  Baja. Perfect.

sitting on the sands of Baja

Stay adventurous,


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