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In description, few people or places receive the word Mighty with regularity. When describing rivers I only knew one before my trip to Africa, the mighty Mississippi. But as an alliteration fan myself with my writing it seemed to make sense.

capturing the moment along the Mighty Zambezi

But when African’s described the rivers of Africa, not once did the guides or locals call the Zambezi just the Zambezi river. It always received the adjective Mighty. The Mighty Zambezi. And if you see the awesome power at Victoria Falls, you might agree.

a boatload of Aussies prefer the moon instead of the sun

One evening, our tour group took an open bar sunset cruise along the river (not too close to the falls). The river seemed full of boats. And although we enjoyed nature, Hippos, Elephants similar to the Chobe the most amusing animals were fellow tourists who decided that a sunset would only be better with a full moon. It turned into a party on the Mighty Zambezi. A party in Z’s of Africa; Zimbabwe, Zambia and the mighty Zambezi.

Stay adventurous, Craig


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